The No-Wheat Life

I decided to go gluten-free a month ago. I thought I was going to die. The first two days I had flu-like symptoms with aches and pains all over my body. Then the migraine headache kicked in and hung on for more than 24-hours. I became so sleepy I couldn’t get off the couch. It was a good thing I decided to do this on a weekend when I would have time to indulge myself in these revolting symptoms. I was ready to tell my husband to drive me to the ER when I thought I better check the Internet first. Sure enough, everything I was experiencing was “normal” for wheat withdrawal.

Now that is downright scary.

I thought wheat was the staple of life.

That was 100 years ago when wheat was wheat. Today who knows what’s in it, like most of our food nowadays.

Do I feel better now? Honestly, it’s hard to tell. But I’m too scared to go back to wheat and feel lousy all over again.

Calvin says, “I don’t even want to think of what goes into my kibble.”

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