What’s With The Coffee Controversy Again

We’ve been told forever that coffee and caffeine were bad for our health.

So we cut back from 12 cups a day to 6.

Still too much, said the doctors, but we ignored them. Caffeine withdrawal headaches were like death. You got all the flu-like symptoms of weakness, tremors, and nausea without the flu. Who wanted that? At least with the flu you got the added benefit of calling in sick from work.

Our bodies clamored for caffeine and we said yes.

Besides, coffee wakes you up in the morning, and keeps you purring during the day. It also gives you energy, a fake energy but who cares, energy is energy.

And it’s always a great finish to a good dinner. A great excuse to have a conversation. And a must-have if you’re a writer in a cafe.

This week we heard another report. It came from The New England Journal of Medicine. It said that frequent coffee drinkers have a chance of living longer than their de-caffeinated brothers and sisters.

People who drink the brew have a lower risk of dying from diabetes, heart disease, infections, and respiratory problems, to name a few.

If that’s true, I say haul in the grinders and let’s have a percolating party.

Of course, the study didn’t say if drinking more coffee would ensure better health. That’s for us to find out.

So crunch those beans and down that espresso.

Whether you drown your cafe in cream or soy, take it with or without foam, make sure it’s fully leaded and strong.

Coffee – it builds better bodies.

Calvin says, “Can’t stand the stuff. Now chocolate. There’s a theme. Send me a pound box. Assorted.” 

4 thoughts on “What’s With The Coffee Controversy Again

  1. See, here’s the thing. I love me some good coffee in the morning. And in the afternoon when I get off work. Sometimes even before bed to help relax me. But the catch is that: caffeine doesn’t work on me. Not even slightly. Like I said, I’ll drink coffee before bed to help put me to sleep. For me, it’s purely about the enjoyment of sipping on something warm. So, I dunno. Is that a good thing? I feel like I’m missing out on an advantage other people have, it’d be nice to drink something that could perk me up a bit when I needed it.

    But anyways, yeah. Grind away, drink up, write often.

    1. My philosophy is do what’s best for you and you’ll be happy…you have one life to live, so do it your way…and don’t worry about what others are doing. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate hearing from you! – rita

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