Quit Your Bleeping Beep!

Alf has a beeping contest with our neighbors.

Every morning when they leave the house, they unlock the car and it beeps.

At night when they return home, sometimes quite late, they lock the car and it beeps.

Alf matches them beep for beep. Instead of two beeps, it’s four with his, and more on the weekends.

When we leave and come home, he beeps.

“Trying to make a point,” he said.

This has been going on for months.

“Is your point poking them yet?” I asked.

“I’m hoping they’ll get the hint and disengage the beep. It disturbs the neighborhood,” he said.

“You mean it disturbs you,” I said.

“They have no manners. They’re unaccustomed to American ways.”

“You mean they’re uncivilized.”

“They’re selfish,” he said.

“Why don’t you talk to them?”

“Wouldn’t help.”

“Why not?”

“Have you ever been to their country? The noise level is deafening 24-hours a day. They’re used to it. What’s a beep here or there to them?”

“But they’re not there, they’re here, and you’re irritated by the noise,” I said.

“I’ll keep beeping. I want to see where this takes us,” he said.

Calvin says, “This is so childish. I’d go over there and pee on their tires.”

3 thoughts on “Quit Your Bleeping Beep!

  1. I can sympathize a bit with Alf. A business near home has been slowly remodeling over the past 3 yrs. There have been various noises that sometimes shake the whole building, including the bed I’m trying to sleep in! But, what drives me to distraction (and the verge of insanity), is the non-stop high-pitched beeping of construction equipment on some days. It’s simply intolerable.

    So, I find Alf’s beeping irritation to be very validating! Either that, or perhaps we’re both very disturbed people! I’m not sure which!

    1. No, we live in a day when the niceties of living in a neighborhood are gone. The only place left is a mountain somewhere, and even there, we’d be disturbed by the wildlife that got there first!

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