It’s Gruesome Out There

Have you noticed an increase of hideous stories in the news these days?

I have.

They’re so bad, I’ve stopped reading the newspaper or watching TV news.

I don’t need to be assaulted with the horrors from across the globe which I am helpless to do anything about.

What infuriates me is knowing the media doesn’t care about the actual stories. They just want you to buy the newspaper or tune into their show.

It’s all about entertainment.  Entertainment

Shocking news entertains people. It’s what brings in subscriptions and viewers.

I’ve noticed the media as a whole has embraced the tabloid spirit, treating most news like sensational scandals.

The bizarre, the depraved, and the grisly. It’s what’s on at 6 o’clock for dinner.

Where’s the limit?

I say we start a counter-revolution with good stories to read.

Bloggers, Facebookers  and Twitterers, on your mark, get set, reclaim!

Calvin says. “Let’s go. My nose is quivering to sniff out the whoopee and the mirth.” beagle

2 thoughts on “It’s Gruesome Out There

  1. I’ve also stopped watching the news. I found myself beginning to dislike and distrust people. Now I watch old ’50s shows on MeTV. Optimism returns!

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