“Are people on suicide watch where you are?” my friend asked me today, one day after the election. “Me? I stayed up all night drinking champagne.”

My colleagues at work are in a somber mood. Nobody dares talk about the election results fearing they will offend others or they are so depressed they don’t want to burst into tears and look silly. img_4349

I guess it comes down to this: everyone likes to win and in this case, they didn’t.

I’ve also noticed that people are afraid of what life will be like come January 20. In my opinion that’s attributing a lot of power to someone who’s never been in office before. What, as soon as he steps into the oval office he’s going to ruin everything? What if our new president turns out to be one of the best we’ve ever had? Nobody has offered that as a possibility. He stands the same chance of being reasonably good as a seasoned politico, perhaps better.  And why wouldn’t he? After all, aren’t we a country of new opportunities for everyone?

Calvin says, “Not this guy. He doesn’t even own a dog.”  beagle




2 thoughts on “Oy!

  1. A great, honest, genuinely “open-minded” response to our election results. I’ve noticed that most all the liberals I know seem to think that they are the open-minded ones, and the rest of us are not. But to be truly open-minded is to be genuinely desirous of giving everyone — including the new and seemingly super conservative — an honest chance to prove themselves. I hope your words get through to millions of people who seem to be shaken up for totally “imagined” reasons. I’m sharing this on my Facebook page because many of my FB friends need this kind of help. (And, frankly, they need to know there are people besides me who are saying these things.)

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