Who We Are

I’m Calvin. I take Bloggie for walks everyday and we get into all sorts of mischief and mirth. She writes, I give the opinion. I think I’m ready for my own blog and fan page but Bloggie is uncertain. Between you and me, she’s afraid of the competition. I’d be more popular.

I’m a pedigree 15-inch, tri-color beagle, born in Napa, where the grapes grow, AKC registered, if you need to see papers.

Bloggie is a journalist, columnist, poet, and magazine writer. She has numerous publication credits to her name, but I won’t bore you. Okay, she’s more popular than I am. Just give me time.

Together we live in the San Francisco Bay Area where there are plenty of rabbits in the hills and funny people to meet. Most of the stories take place in San Francisco, sometimes in Berkeley, maybe a few on the coast, but rarely in Napa. People there are snookered sniffing the wine.

Why should you want to come back to read this blog? Because we’re funny. And who doesn’t like funny? We all need a bit of humor for the day.

And if you really like a post, would you send us some fan mail? Letters make us happy! We promise to write back. You might get a paw print in the mail.




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